Jon’s New Song Give-Away

On November 1, we are giving away Jon's new studio single in honor of Kinsey's dad. The song, "Not Alone" will be given to everyone on our blog subscription list. You can sign up on the homepage, and this gift of music will come directly to your inbox. Also, you'll...

Shout Your Name now available!

Featuring Forerunner Music artists Misty Edwards, Jaye Thomas, Laura Hackett Park, Jonas Park, Jon Thurlow, Justin Rizzo, and Ryan Kondo, Shout Your Name captures live worship at the Kansas City Convention Center during our Onething 2014...

“Sing Your Praises” available April 29, 2014

Onething artists Laura Hackett, Matt Gilman, Justin Rizzo, Jon Thurlow, Anna Blanc, Ryan Kondo, and Jaye Thomas all feature on this album with new original songs, including Jon's "Let Me See Your Face." Recorded LIVE at Onething 2013, Sing Your Praises will be...

Coming to Lakeland, FL

Jon will be leading worship in Lakeland FL April 18-19th at the Awaken Sleepers Conference with Corey Russell.  You can check it out...

Kinsey Thurlow

My conversation with God is my lifeline on the journey. As the psalmist wrote all those years ago, Because He has inclined His ear to me, I will call upon Him as long as I live (Psalm 116). Our hope, our joy, our glory is lifting our voices to the One on Heaven’s throne. The One who hears, who responds, and whose heart is moved at the sound of our voices.

Join us on the journey.

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  • Celebrating  differentstory forerunnermusic
    4 days ago by kinseythurlow Celebrating. ❤️  #differentstory   @forerunnermusic 
  • Its not every day that jonmthurlow and jeremymriddle both releasehellip
    4 days ago by kinseythurlow It's not every day that  @jonmthurlow  and  @jeremymriddle  both release an album. I call that a GREAT day!!! (And they'll both be at the Onething Conference this December )
  • Tomorrow he releases an album 3 years in the makinghellip
    5 days ago by kinseythurlow Tomorrow he releases an album, 3 years in the making. Tonight he's upstairs rocking our baby to sleep. In the morning he will wake up at 5am to go do what he's been doing the last 13 years. He'll lead a worship set at 6am. He'll lead another one at…
  • I didnt even know about this jonmthurlow  So Ihellip
    6 days ago by kinseythurlow I didn't even know about this,  @jonmthurlow  . So I guess this will be on IHOPKC's FB page? Just a few minutes from now @ 10:15.
  • This is happening tomorrow And after 3 years of pouringhellip
    6 days ago by kinseythurlow This is happening tomorrow. And after 3 years of pouring himself into this project, it's an understatement to say I'm proud of him, and so excited for these songs to be released for others to hear. (Link in bio >>)  #differentstory 
  • Even if I wasnt married to him I would tellhellip
    2 weeks ago by kinseythurlow Even if I wasn't married to him, I would tell you to get his upcoming album. Jon does nothing halfway. He pours his all into every aspect of life, even in the driest and most weary seasons, when his all feels very small. He is a faithful steward of what…
  • Some daddy amp daughter love
    2 weeks ago by kinseythurlow Some daddy & daughter love

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