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Our story began its unfolding when Jon came to Kansas City in 2004 to take part in IHOPKC’s nightwatch internship, Fire in the Night.  Formerly a worship director at a small church in rural Pennsylvania, the idea of IHOPKC’s round the clock music and worship was fascinating to him. His interest in music, and a few other significant leadings, prompted him to join IHOPKC staff after the completion of the internship.

Two years later in 2006, Kinsey moved from Texas where she had been working as a Kindergarten teacher. Like Jon had done two years prior, she also joined in with the Fire in the Night internship.

Once her six-month internship ended, Kinsey ended up on Jon’s worship team—no, not as a singer or a musician. She was the power point girl. And let’s just take a moment to say that those behind-the-scenes jobs really count.

We met. We caught each other’s eye. We dated. We broke up (for a year!). We dated again. We got engaged, and we were married in May 2010. And we are so very in love.

We are followers of Jesus

thurlow-17_cirWe have pledged our lives and our love to our beloved Lord, and who we are is wrapped up in this simple, profound reality—God has lavished great love upon us, and we love Him back.

We are ministers in the house of prayer

jt-concert-1-1_cirOur hearts have been captured by a vision to throw our lives into prayer and worship. Jesus is worthy of the world’s adoration and love, and we long for the day when He will fully receive the praise He is due.

We are advocates for the fatherless

kinsey-w_kids_cirThe Lord has brought us into the burden of His heart for the fatherless, and we know part of our life’s assignment is to pour ourselves out for these children. We believe the God wants to release justice to the fatherless through the hands of His people.

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Kinsey Thurlow

My conversation with God is my lifeline on the journey. As the psalmist wrote all those years ago, Because He has inclined His ear to me, I will call upon Him as long as I live (Psalm 116). Our hope, our joy, our glory is lifting our voices to the One on Heaven’s throne. The One who hears, who responds, and whose heart is moved at the sound of our voices.

Join us on the journey.

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