Walking Through the Night

TQ6QpH13QCsbmjxGjy3MQqnT9WcXwRyPjVEoD_NVGe8,l9QkskSliuvzP-lWofMINmN32Dkqx7D4ikCXA8S7mMg,8nliWS5wnwi3vT7Z3EAIuEmh9gCF2eUM3_I4ZgMlhPI,MApuFJ3NJ-7WNntoG34ux4Z6bpcAJxOjnIvDd8gINl4He’s my favorite worship leader. He just is.

And he’s my favorite friend.

And I get the behind-the-scenes look at this worship leader-friend of mine. What the crowds see on the platform is beautiful, but I’ve got to say that the beauty that comes through his hours worshiping behind a microphone is born from the way he carries himself the other 100 waking hours in a week’s time. He loves Jesus, truly, and how he uses his words, how he chooses humility, how he serves, how he loves, how he spends his time, how he spends his money, and how he prays in secret tell of a Love that he’s searched out, and has let go deep.

Well, enough boasting about my husband (for now). But I had to throw that in, just because I can.

In September, Jon released a new EP album, Walking Through the Night.  The five songs recorded are ones that dip into our story, and proclaim a message of God’s heart over us on the journey.


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