A Question in Your Core

book-316411_640If you’re a journaler, maybe you can relate to the idea of looking through your old chronicles, unwilling to throw them away, but desperately hoping no one ever finds them. Because, let’s be real, sometimes we all sound a little crazy when we’re pouring our hearts out on paper. Emotions tend to take the reigns at moments, convincing our hearts that what we feel most certainly must be the reality.

So lots of my emotional outpourings are penned into those little “life books” shoved into the far corner of my closet. But in those books are also gaps of silent times, when, for one reason or another, I just didn’t write much at all.

I think those quiet pauses were maybe sometimes due to lack of time, but mostly I remember feeling I just didn’t have the heart energy to put feelings into words, and words onto paper.

And I feel that some even now, in this season of time. A gap season. Sometimes you just don’t know what to write. Words aren’t coming to mind, so instead of writing you might find yourself staring at a wall or making out your grocery list.

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