What I Would Tell the 20-Year-Old Me

sunset-203188_640It is the eve of my 32nd birthday. And I’m thinking… How did that happen?  It’s like one day you’re twenty and then all the sudden you’re thirty-two. But I still kind of feel twenty. Well, really, I still kind of feel ten… that child’s heart just got stuck, and I never outgrew it. I still love to walk right through the mud puddle (if I have on the right shoes); children’s books are way better than many of those grown-up books we’ve got floating around out there (Tale of Three Trees still makes my heart stir every time I read it); pizza, cheeseburgers, nachos, and chocolate are among the world’s finest foods; and if I were to have a birthday party, all the kids would be invited, and I’d for sure want to play lots of quirky games.

But what would I tell the twenty-year-old Kinsey if I could sit down with her? Well, I thought of a few things. So I’m gonna sit down in my imagination, look into her young green eyes, and share them with her.


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