A Justice Movement that Exudes the Love of God

I was in college. That night I sat among a large crowd who’d gathered together for the sake of justice. We’d been told stories of children overseas who were living under severe abuse and poverty, and all of us were ready to take action in some way. Some wept. Some shouted with loud voices. Some circled up with friends to pray.

That night, both believers and unbelievers gathered on the same plot of soil for the same cause. But what later struck me as I thought back on that gathering was the reality that, as good-intentioned as we all were, we were not all following the same leader. We were all full of zeal and emotion, but we were a mixed group. A divided group.

Some were listening to the man who had his mouth up to the megaphone, calling for change.

Others worshipped in small groups, setting their hearts to listen in for the the God who loves justice.


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