Gethsemane’s Echoes of Eden

It’s the week of Christ’s passion. We go back to Passover table, to the lonely garden, and to His cross.

And here, we’re made to go back even further, and to remember the ancient day of man’s fall that brought us to this dark night of death…

It was the day the serpent came into the garden with a wicked plan devised. He wanted to do more than destroy Adam and Eve—he wanted to destroy God’s dream, His desire, His story.

He was after God but knew he could never have Him. So he went after His children instead.

He lied to God’s beloved, hissing his deceit, “God lied to you… He doesn’t want what’s best for you…take and eat.” And feeding on the serpent’s deception, the girl exchanged the truth of God for a lie. Her heart faltered detrimentally, and in that moment, fruit in hand, she believed what all fallen ones after her would be tempted to believe—God can’t be trusted, and He does not love you.

She then gave to Adam, and he ate. They fell from glory.

We are guilty.


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