God is Really Good at Embracing His Children (… and Sometimes Our Hearts Just Need a Reminder)

I met Joy Kinser this summer when she extended an invitation to lead the church community in her city in a time of prayer for her city’s orphaned. Just minutes into our first conversation, I was struck with her sincerity and hunger for God. I wanted to hear what this woman had to say!  

It’s an honor to share her with you here today…

“Someone needs to quiet that kid down,” I thought, feeling somewhat annoyed at the screaming child across the clothing store. And then I heard it. That quiet whisper of a good Father. “That’s not My heart.”

Something changed in me that day when the Lord showed me that those thoughts were the very ones the enemy wanted me to have toward that child. I wanted to know what God’s thoughts were, how He felt about children in their weakness. And what I discovered changed everything.


It has become distressingly normal in our culture to label children as a burden.

They are a burden in the womb, often discarded out of fear and being overwhelmed.

They are a burden when they keep us up all night, frustratingly inconsolable.

They are a burden when, past nap time and running out of steam, we hear them screaming and crying in a store, a playground, or maybe even a living room.

What makes them feel like a burden?

They are messy. They are inconvenient. It takes a lot of time and energy to bring them into maturity. They are costly in more ways than one.


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