A Story in Pictures {Celebrating 5 Married Years}

Can I tell ya a story? Well, since a picture’s worth a thousand words, I’ll include a few that will help unfold this (miraculous) love narrative.

So. About eight years ago, I joined a worship team—not as a singer, nor as a musician. No… I was the screen operator (perhaps more commonly known as the “power point girl.”) But hey, I just have to say—never underestimate the value of those behind-the-scenes jobs. God sees, and I ended up getting a husband, born from my hiddenness and typing skills. Power point matters. Big time.

I was on this guy’s worship team. And we kinda (secretly) started liking each other.

Recognize him? These were Jon’s pre-Kinsey days.39181_147613915264166_4959838_n182875_10150102165018129_670894_n


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