10 Gifts That Will Reach Right Down to the Heart

Well friends, the Christmas tree is up, the Nativity is on the mantle, and “O Holy Night” is sounding in our house!

As we enter into this season, I’ve been thinking about what I want to give this year (particularly to my husband). He and I started a little tradition our first year of marriage of making each other a Christmas gift, or at least giving “a gift for the heart.” (Gifts for the heart = those things that will bless, minister to, or grow one’s heart in God in the months and perhaps even years to come.)

Today, just for a little fun, I wanted to share some of my most recent favorite things with you that definitely fall under this bless-the-heart category of gift giving. Not only are they really sweet gifts—they are really sweet gifts that reach a deeper place.

So feel free to take some notes (and maybe drop some hints by passing this post along to friends and family who will be buying you gifts :)).

I’ve narrowed it down to 10… and here they are, in no particular order. Ready?

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