A Question about Abortion that Urges Us to Not Turn Away

She was fourteen and had “gone too far.” Now she was in a place she’d never planned to be. Her stepdad bought her a plane ticket to get out of town while she “took care of the problem.”

She was thrown into a situation that many would call “pro-choice.” But this teen mom hadn’t been given a choice–she felt there was no other option.

She was in route to an abortion clinic a few hundred miles away where she would be staying with other family members before and after her procedure. But one of those family members intervened on behalf of her baby’s life. And suddenly, abortion was no longer the only option.

The search for an adoptive family began, and so did a few months of waiting.

But as this teen mom entered her seventh month of pregnancy, an adoptive family was found. And on the day the baby girl was born, one young mother made an unfathomably courageous decision—she surrendered her babe into the arms of a family who could love and care for her better than she could.


There’s a story of another mom with an unplanned pregnancy who also chose not to have an abortion. This woman was poor in ways that reached beyond her finances, and she was found incapable of being a safe place for her baby. After suffering severe, life-endangering neglect, her six-month-old son was removed from her home and placed into foster care. In time, this mother’s rights to her child were legally severed, and the little boy awaited an adoptive family.

He waited for seventeen years.

His childhood passed by as he was shuffled through the foster system. This boy became a man, who’d spent his early years never having what most take for granted—he had no family, no home, and no stability, having more placements within the system than he’d kept track of. He’d long let go of any hope for adoption by the time he hit is latter teens. Aubrey-22Trembley-1walking-349991_640

(The above stories are true accounts of real children.)

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